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Thing 4: Responses to Blogs


Andy Carvin / Learning NOW: An Open Letter About Cyberbullying   This blog evoked some feeling of anger and aggression in regards to the actual article/magazine. After being educated by my cheerleaders in regards to social networking sites, I was appalled. My sweetest girls were being criticized openly by peers and wow did it make me angry. I’ve taken time to follow up on some stories on my own as well as informing administrators, but it’s such a wide-spread problem that there’s not much one person can do. It’s comforting to know that there are others who are aware of this problem.

dy/dan (Mr. Meyer): Why I Don’t Assign Homework
 Mr. Meyer states a few valid points, but at the same time I do believe in a small amount of homework. Mr. Meyer is very straight, to the point and writes as if he is having a casual conversation.I’m learning that some bloggers can be slightly inappropriate at times, which in my opinion is unexceptable for teachers- especially when students have access to your information.

Twenty-Five Days to Make a Difference (Laura Stockman): It Doesn’t Matter if You’re 6 or 26 or 106 What a great idea!!! This is a motivational blog which gives tons of ideas to help others!!!! Very informational stuff!

Two Writing Teachers: Letters of Gratitude
 This is another motivational blog!!!! This is a more professional blog and written to educate.

Betchablog (Chris Betcher): The Myth of the Digital Native Mr. Betcher’s blog is more critical ad fault-finding than a few of the others. He does bring valid conerns in regards to the word ‘native’ being used in such a context. To prove his arguments, he gives specific examples, which is actually similar to many of the other blogs. Blogging is definitely a personal reflection and clearly descibes the authors thought processes.

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